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Currently the best way to contact us is on our land-based email:    svargo154 @



When we're underway or anchored out, the best way to contact us is to use KD5PDX @ , which is our onboard email.  The below explanation is provided FYI.

Sending and receiving email via our SSB/HAM radio is easy, fast and free, and we usually check it each day when we're out at anchor.  Because Winlink occasionally makes changes to their email system due to spam and virus attacks, you should ALSO send your message to the below email address until you know we can receive from you.  As of Dec. '06, Winlink is using a "white list", meaning we have to initiate the first correspondence in order to get you onto our "white list".

You send email just like normal through the internet to this address and we receive it through our HAM radio on board ARGO.  Because it is coming across our HAM radio, download time is slow, so no attachments, and, when replying, do not include original message.  Also, please do NOT put this email address on any "lists" or give out to "uninterested" third parties.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to spam filters on winlink, if this will be the first time you have communicated with us, you should send your email to BOTH addresses to assure we receive it.

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