Mojarra Fish Recipe

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Fish Recipe
by Yanira Arracely Arveaga

Serves 12 (1 fish per serving)

3 onions (grated into dish)
Dozen limes (cut in half)
Garlic powder
Chicken consume
Rub (mix all dried ingredients together. Can be made and put in jar for more recipes)

Start with cleaned fish.
Rub fish inside and out in this order with:
Rub mixture
Garlic powder
Consume (dried)
Fresh lime juice

Let fish sit for 20 min. to marinade.
Then coat each fish in flour.

While you are coating fish go ahead and heat oil in large skillet until oil begins to crackle. Put a pinch of salt in the skillet.

Place fish in oil and let fry until it is crispy to your liking then turn over and fry the other side.

Be careful not to rub back and forth on fish, you can get stuck with the fins. Sort of pat the mixtures on the fish.

Thanks to Cheri, s/v Namaste', for writing up the recipe.

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