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RECOMMENDATIONS  from cruisers & others

Rev. 12/29/10


Compiled by s/v ARGO,  www.svargo.com

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NOTE A:  Originally this was done for David only, but we have added a few items for the Boquete/Volcan area under the Medical & Dental section and at the end of this write-up.   If not specified, then it pertains to David.


NOTE B: Land phone numbers are 7-digits and start with a “7”; cell phones are 8-digits and start with a “6”


NOTE C:  Jubliado discounts are for “senior citizens” - men aged 60 and over and women 55 and over.  You’re suppose to have a Panama pensionado/residency card to present, but we find that if we ask for the jubliado discount, sometimes they give it to us.  In particular, we’ve received 15% and 20% discounts at the pharmacies (Arrocha, Revilla, Hospital Chiriqui, Mae Lewis Hospital), Hospital Chiriqui (mammogram, bone density), Laboratorios Raly, sometimes at Hotel Castilla.  It doesn’t hurt to ask!  (Have proof of age with you.)




Hotel Castilla – adjacent to Central Park

Very clean, hot showers, cable TV, telephone, wifi in rooms, restaurant.  $40/night double occupancy Mon. thru Thurs.  Best value are “interior” rooms w/ window but no view.  Nov – Mar is high season.  Ask for retiree/jubliado discount (in 10/10 got room for $30).  Telephone 774-5236,  Email:  hotelcastilla@cwpanama.net


Hotel Alcala – 3 blocks from Central Park

Similar to Hotel Castilla – very clean,  hot showers, cable TV, telephone, free Wifi in room, restaurant.  $40/night double occupancy (single-bed rooms may be small).  Telephone:  774-9018, 774-9019, 774-9020, Fax 774-9021,  Email:   hotelalcala@cwpanama.net


Gran Hotel Nacional  - $78/night - 775-2221

Nice swimming pool and good restaurants.  4-plex movie theater located next to the hotel – latest movies in English with Spanish subtitles.  Casino next door.


Puerto del Sol - Approx. $34/night (promotional rate as of Nov. 2008), Wifi - 774-8422


Ciudad de David – brand new, high-end business hotel and conference center.  $115 and up for very comfortable rooms and suites.  D. Norte St. 2nd East Ave, Tel. 774-3333, info@hotelciudaddedavied.com.




Casa del Churrasco, 730-3491, Ave Central between Banco HSBC and Banco Continental.  Authentic Argentinean parrilla-style grill. Good steak and great pizza (pizza after 4PM). Covered outdoor and A/C indoor dining options.


Tamu Country (Tamburelli’s) - Good pizza, pasta


El Fogon  - Decent steaks and seafood, great Sangria; indoor and patio dining


Palacio Oriental – Chinese


Multi National Café – Cafeteria-style restaurant located next to Hotel Castilla.  Good food and excellent prices.  25% discount for retirees.  Lunch includes meat, veg, salad and drink for two for less than $10.


Renagado Restaurant – Good Italian food at medium prices.  Located on Pan American Highway just before the overpass.


Steakhouse – Great Chinese food, best for lunch


TGIF Fridays – Next to Arrocha Shopping Center; you’ll think you’re back in the USA!  For your fast-food fix there’s Subway, also in Arrocha next to Conway’s.  MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken also in David.


Stylo – at Ciudad de David Hotel; very nice ambiance, food and service.


Rincόn Libanes – Excellent Lebanese food (probably one of the best restaurants in David).  We shared one of the “samplers” which had about 20 different “tapas”. 




(for both David and Boquete area)


Ask for the “jubliado” discount if men are 60 or older and women are 55 or older – see NOTE C above.


The primary medical centers in David are:

-  Centro Medico Mae Lewis with clinic attached.  Receptionist speaks fluent English.  Tel. 775-4616

-  Hospital Chiriqui with attached doctors’ offices.  This is a larger and newer facility.  Tel. 774-0128


Acupuncturist:  Dr. Manuel Len

In town of Volcan, 771-4544


Arthritis:  See below Orthopedic / Dr. Solis


Cardiologist:  Dr. Anquizola

774-2453 in Mae Lewis


Chiropractor:  Dr. Matt Verstraete, D.C.  (“Dr. Matt”)

Located between David and Boquete (about half hour drive from David) in Hacienda Los Molinos development.  HIGHLY recommended by myself and friends.  Works (by referrals only) out of his condo, $20/session.  Tel 6754-2569 (new), 6828-8785 (old).  mattverstraete@gmail.com


Chiropractor:  Dr. Matthew A. Holstein

Located across the street from the emergency entrance of Chiriqui Hospital.  Tel. 775-7119, cell 6700-1917, drholstein@hotmail.com.  Speaks English and Spanish.


Colonoscopy: Dr. Velkys Beitia Montes

775-4646 x 315, 6690-2236 in Mae Lewis


Dentist:  Dr. Franklin M. Halphen

Clinica Dental Hermanos Halphen - General Dentistry, Periodonics, Oral Rehabilitation, Endodontic

Dr. Halphen and his staff speak good English.  Facilities are very clean and modern.  Prices are extremely reasonable.

Phone:  775-3344,  Cell:  6673-3563, Email:  clinicahalphen@hotmail.com, halphen@cwpanama.net


Dentist:  Dr. Guillermo Arosemena

General and surgical dentistry.  Speaks good English, very gentle (does cleaning himself), small hands!  775-1301, 775-1672, near baseball stadium (Direction for taxi: Estadio Keni Serracin, Emisora Blasch, estuda “Calva”, 2nd piso)  


Dermatologist:  Clinica de Piel

½ Oeste B Sur,  Phone 774-0032


Dermatologist:  Dra.  Deyla Rodriguez de Vergara

Speaks only a little English, Office in Chiriquí Hospital (main 774-0128, ext. 3120)  Cel:  6527-3717


Emergency/General?:  Dr. & Dra. Chen

Supposedly the only doctors in Boquete - located down from Romero's.  They are "on-call" 24/7, ring door bell or call.  Tel 720-2080 or cell 6676-7132.


Family Practice & Geriatrics:  Dra. Luz Vizuette (Quiel)   (aka  “Dra. Lucy”,  aka “Dra. Clark” )

Good place to start for physicals and checkups.  Speaks good conversational English, married to an American.  She promptly responds to emails and phone calls.  Located in Mae Lewis Clinic. 

Email: Lucyvizuette24@hotmail.com,  Cel: 6612-4293;   Lucila is secretary (no English) 775-4616 ext 298


General Practice?:  Dr. Espinosa, nurse Rose Marie 6509-0810 or Medico Mae Lewis 775-4616.  Speaks English.


Internist:  Dr.  C. de Leon

Specializes in Arthritis.  Understand most English but does not speak it.  Located in Chiriquí Hospital,  Cel:6637 8494


Internal Medicine:  Dr. Juan Llerena

Suite #109,  Does not speak  English.  775-4616, Cel: 6676-3793


Ob/gyn:  Dr. Gabriel Arrocha



Ob/gyn:  Dr. Porfina Quintero

At Mae Lewis, Speaks a little English.  Phone 775-3724,  Cel: 6673-3616, Main at hospital 775-4616.


Ophthalmologist:  Dra. Sonia Gordon,

775-4616  Speaks English, at Mae Lewis Clinic


Ophthalmologist:  Clinica de Ojos Orillac - Calvo

Dr. Ernesto A Calvo 

Apartado Postal 55-2533, Paitilla

Panama City, Panama, Balboa Plaza 201 –202, (507) 269-7475, Email: ecalvo@cwpanama.net


Orthopedic Surgeon:  Dr. Heradio Barria

Speaks fluent English.   Located across the street from Chiriquí Hospital,  Cel:  6671 4444


Orthopedic Surgeon & Trauma:  Dr. Martin Solis (Jiron)

Hospital Chiriqui (Tower) 2nd floor.  Specializes in arthritis, prefers more natural approach rather than drugs & surgery.  Speaks good English.  Tel. direct 777-8025, main 774-0128 ext. 3125, cell 6430-5506.  Email: msolis21@hotmail.com.    


Pediatrics/Neonatal:  Dr. Johny Juan Parra (Montes)

Dra. Lucy took me to him to get my shingles (“varicella zoster”) vaccination, with no waiting.  $50 (compared to approx. $250 in USA).  Don’t know if he speaks English.  At Mae Lewis Medico.  Tel. 775-4616.


Urologist:  Dr. Oliver Candanedo

One of the top Urologists in Panama.  He is legally blind with glaucoma.  Fluent English - Very helpful his daughter is a Physical Therapist working out of his office.  Phone 775-1945  Cell: 6623-5037


Urologist:  Dr.  Don Guerrero

Located at Mae Lewis Hospital.  Speaks fluent English.  Tel. 774-1073


Mammograms, bone density and other diagnostic’s are given at the Hospital Chiriquí (preferred by my doctor) and Mae Lewis Clinic/Hospital.




Laboratorios Clinicos Raly – Modern and efficient, on-line access (by you and your doctor) to your test results.  Supposedly the cheapest price – they have great specials, discounts and give the jubliado discount.  M-F 6:30am-8:00pm, S/S 7:00am-2:00pm.  www.laboratorioraly.com   Labs throughout Panama City, too.  Two locations in David:

  • Centro, located 1 block from Central Park and Hotel Castilla.  Tel. 777-1027.  On Ave 2 East between Calle B & C Norte

  • At Mall Chiriqui, Tel. 777-3401


Laboratorio Clinico Bio-Medico

Plaza Oteima 774-2164.  Highly recommended by Dr. Oliver as being the best in David


Chiriquí Hospital and Mae Lewis Clinic also have labs



Orthopedic:  Dr. Amulfo Guzman

758-9967.  Located across from immigration office and about a block up the street in the clinic (Clinica Hospital Santa Isabel?).  Jo on s/v Mystic Adventure highly recommended – Dr. injected and prescribed powdered glucosamine sulfate (1500mg 2x/day, I think) for her painful hip bursitis, which gave her significant relief.


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(for both David and Boquete area)

Attorney:  Lea Adames

Know several people that have used and recommend her for immigration issues and to obtain their pensionado/residency; also for real estate transactions; they like that she’s direct and tells you the way it is.  Speaks fluent English and 2 staff also bilingual.  Office in David.  Tel. 6671-6846,  leabyaabog@cwpanama.net.


Attorney:  Juan Aguilera Franceshi

Know others who have used and recommend him for immigration issues and to obtain their pensionado/residency.  Office in David but think he comes to Boquete occasionally.  Tel. 775-4967,  aguilerajaf@pa.inter.net


Attorney:  Maria Eugenia Pinzόn, with Mossack Fonseca & Co. (a large international firm).  She runs their Boquete office, English speaking, "very bright and knowledgeable . . . knows her stuff".  Don Vidal building, #15, East A Avenue in Boquete.  Tel 720-2256, 720-1744, boquete@mossfon.com


Computer repair:  Super Stars Computer.  Nima (owner?), who speaks good English, gave a presentation at Boquete's Tuesday Market - several people in attendance highly recommended his repair and other services, and as the place for those hard-to-find computer parts and accessories.  In David, Obaldia Ave. near Rodelag and Romero.  Tel. 775-7502.  Fax 775-9920.




Toby & Lola Braxton (sisters)

Very reasonable rates to Bocas from David.  Very reliable, speak English.  Will do personal shopping for you in David.  Toby has a commercial truck that makes deliveries couple times a week to Bocas on the ferry – cheap to have her send stuff to you.   Also will escort you to Dr. appts. and interpret for you.  And more, just ask.  Born and raised in Texas, has lived in David for 20 yrs.

Toby Braxton  6617-8629,  Lola Braxton 6607-9423,   services-toby25@hotmail.com


Taxi driver:  Samuel, 6539-2925.  He drives a car (sedan) taxi in David.  We, and our friend's family, use him a lot.  He will drive to Boquete, think he charges $20 or $25.   He's taken us/picked us up at the border (Paso Canoas) when we've done our immigration runs (from David).  Reliable, speaks understandable English.  Have used him to buy bus tickets, take luggage to airport, etc.  When he's taking us around to do errands and waiting for us, we usually pay $10/hr.  (His wife, Rosa, teaches Spanish.)


Taxi driver between Almirante and David:  Javier, 6440-1410.  Double-cab pickup truck. $90 one way; $130 round trip same day, takes you around David.  Speaks English.  (2009)




La Arrocha Shopping Center includes:  Rey – large, new supermarket; DO IT - a Home Depot-like store; Arrocha - a smaller Target-like store with pharmacy, high-end cosmetics counters, lots of office supplies, big toy section, great selection of seasonal Christmas decorations; Lumicenter - for light fixtures and bulbs; AudioPhoto a nice computer, home entertainment, electronics and appliance store; SAR – impressive line of industrial cleaning supplies; Melo – pet and garden supplies; Movistar – a full service office; Conway - brand new department store.   Across the street is Super-Baru, a large, gourmet supermarket; and the new, big Novey hardware store.


PriceSmart  which is like Sams Club and Costco but on a smaller scale.  You must join to shop.  Have taxi take you, or Toby or Lola (they have membership cards).


Mall Chiriquí - shoes, sporting goods, book store, small Super Baru market


Hardware Stores - DO IT and Novey in/near La Arrocha Shopping Center (see above).  Clustered together on Pan American Highway are: Cochez is largest, Franklin Jurado is medium size and Hopsa is smallest.


Central Park – surrounding the park are lots of electronics, appliance, clothing and shoe stores; Revilla and other pharmacies; Romero’s department and grocery store; Libreria with office supplies, art supplies, copy/printing services, more; nearby, the Shopping Center, a 6-story(?) department store.


Rodelag – Big store specializing in TVs, computers, large and small appliances (bought window air conditioning unit), housewares, garden, hardware, and impressively large selection of office supplies.




Gran Casino Nacional, next to Gran Hotel Nacional


Movie Theatre, next to Gran Hotel Nacional – several theatres, new releases, most are in English (ask)




Patty Copias, also printing from memory stick. 2nd Ave & 3rd Calle, near Hotel Alcala. Office supplies.


Officentral Plus - great office supplies and services (including laminating):  from Hotel Castilla, cross the street, turn left and it is on the corner


Libreria by Central Park (see above)


Quality – was told by taxi driver they have good office supplies and services?.




Almacen y Tapiceria Peneco. S.A.

Good source for Sunbrella and snaps, grommets, high density and closed cell foam rubber.  Upholstery fabrics, etc..   Calle D entre Ave. 2da y 3ra Este.  775-1227   Cel: 6615-1318


Bazar Tun Tun, S.A.

Foam Rubber for Cushions.  Zippers, snaps, grommets, upholstery thread, upholstery material.  Located across the street from the Hotel Castillo.  775-2972





Victor Saldano;  Xantrax Authorized Inverter Repair

507 618 4146 ?    Fax: 774-1080,  Email:  vsaldane@electrysol.com


Vargas Matamoros

Excellent machine shop.  775-3859,  775-8433


Alternator and Starter Sales and Repair


Auto Partes Electromecanicas

Nelson Mojica – Sales Manager and I think owner

Good selection of OEM alternators and starters.  Good people to deal with.

Calle Primera Oeste y B Norte

Edificio Don Jesus, Local 5,  Tel: 774-4515,  Email:  autoelectrochiri@hotmail.com


DAISY department store

About 3 blocks from Castilla Hotel.  Contact is Tomy Man in the Departamento de Pesca (fishing department) upstairs.  Speaks fluent English and Chinese.  What he does not have he can order from Panama City and receive in a few days. He has many catalogs, including the big Centro Marino one. (Prices in catalog are PC prices, David prices will be higher). Focus is on fishing but many boat items are there as well.

Avenida 2da Esta y Calle C Norte (across from Cable & Wireless bldg; same block as Raly Labs)

Phone 774-3880

Tomy's cell is 6207-1421 and his email is ChinoRT@hotmail.com


Technidiesel “La Casa del Turbo” – injectors repaired, popped, etc.  New for most all diesels available.

Tel. 775-9087,  Cel. 6695-5993


Filtros Carossi, S.A. – Filters of all sizes and makes, if they don’t have it they will get it for you. 

Tel. 774-5468,  Cel. 6615-9984


Lola says there are two other stores selling boat stuff as well in David.



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(also see Medical & Dental and Professional Services sections above)


Boquete’s “911” Emergency telephone is 6477-6662.  For crime, medical emergencies, roadside assistance, language translation (e.g., car accident with a non-English speaking person).  They can dispatch police, ambulance, fire department or other.  Bi-lingual staff.  Sponsored by Alto al Crimen.


El Oasis Hotel and Restaurant, situated along the river opposite town (easy walk across bridge).  Very nice and clean B&B.  Standard rooms start at $70/night.  Recently built 2-story “apartment” suites (nicely furnished, full kitchen, balcony) starting at $110/night, big discounts for extended stays.  Breakfast included.  New, lovely open-air restaurant & bar areas.  Anayansi Menendez is owner.  Tel. 720-1586, 720-1827.  Email: info@oasisboquete.com www.oasisboquete.com


Vista Grande – 2 apartments for short-term or long-term stay.  We know a very nice Canadian couple, Jim & Lesia, who have a multi-level house high up on the hill over-looking Boquete town. They live on the upper floor and have 2 one-bedroom apartments below that they are just starting to rent out.  Each has a full kitchen, wifi, TV/DVD, balcony, washer/dryer available. There are fold out couches if you wanted to sleep more than two.  Rate is $35/night, $400/month.  The draw here is the peaceful seclusion, incredible view and kitchen.  It is a 30-minute walk down into town, or a couple dollar taxi ride.  Jim might give you a ride down, too.  Contact Jim or Lesia at Tel. 6909-9283 or panamajames@gmail.com.  See pictures: View1, View2, View3, Balcony, Sunset.

Mañana Madera Guest Suite.  Friends Randy & Jamie have a new, separate guest suite (bedroom, bath and breakfast/lounge area w/ frig and TV/DVD) with big windows to take in the great high-up view, and exclusive use of the ranchito for relaxing.  Breakfast is included, serving their very own Mañana Madera coffee.  Situated in the middle of their small coffee finca, 10 minutes above Boquete (in Alto Quiel), it is very secluded and quiet.  $80/night for two; airport pickup in David upon request; guided hikes available.  Randy's cell 6423-2930,  www.mananamadera.com/Guest_Suite.html,  TheGuestSuite@gmail.com


Hotel Refugio de Montana is a brand new hotel (same owners as Hostal Refugio del Rio, below).  It is located a little out of Boquete central in Santa Lucia, maybe a 5-10 minute drive.  Very clean rooms, nice grounds.  $43/night.  Tel. 730-8355 or cell 6676-5786, www.refugiodemontana.com, reservations@refugiodemontana.com

Hostal Boquete, located on the river next to the new bridge.  Saw decent private room (#7) w/ private bath, cable TV, wifi, balcony over river for $38/night ($34 w/ jubliado).  Lower priced hostel options  available.  A backpacker place with excellent location.  Tel. 720-2573, hostalboquete@gmail.com www.hostalboquete.com


Hotel Ladera, newly reopened after the November 2008 floods, is located across the river from town.  Appears very nice although have not seen rooms; bar/deck overlooks stream; restaurant is more formal, although you can eat in the bar area.  Understand restaurant is now (Aug. 2010) under a new chef, and food has improved.  Per website rooms start at $75/night; apartments available.   Tel. 730-9000, www.hotel-ladera.com,  info@hotel-ladera.com


The Riverside Inn is a very nice inn with 6 guestrooms/suites, comfortable common areas, deck and outside sitting areas.  Attractively nestled alongside the rushing Palo Alto River.  Less than a mile outside downtown Boquete.  The Rock restaurant shares the same grounds (see below).  Website says starts at $275/night but think we were recently quoted a lower rate (maybe $80, low season) when we had a look.  Tel. 720-1076,  www.riversideinnboquete.com, reservations@riversideinnboquete.com.   

(NOTE: Reopened 10/29/10 after being heavily damaged in 8/22/10 flood)


There are other hotel options in Boquete that fall into the moderate price range, but we haven't seen them and therefore cannot comment. 




The Rock restaurant is an elegantly casual restaurant with glass walls and outdoor terrace to take advantage of the pretty grounds and it's location at the edge of the rushing Palo Alto River.  (It is located next to and owned by The Riverside Inn (see above), less than a mile from downtown Boquete.)  This is a favorite lunch (and dinner) spot of ours not just for the relaxing setting but for the great food.  They serve a custom artisan-brewed craft beer that we really like (their dark is very much like a Guiness!), and a nice selection of wines.  Open for lunch and dinner, closed Tuesdays.  www.therockboquete.com 

(NOTE:  Reopened 10/29/10 after being heavily damaged in 8/22/10 flood)


Il Pianista Restaurant, excellent Italian & pizza, nice ambiance, situated where 2 creeks come together, get to by car or taxi.  Tel. 720-2728 

(NOTE:  As of 10/10, heard that it has been sold and is undergoing renovations so cannot comment on current status.)


Punto de Encuentro, a.k.a. Olga’s.  In town, great breakfast, gringo hangout.  Open for breakfast only, 7 days/week.  Guestroom also available, $50.


Tammy's Restaurant & Lounge, located at the entrance to the cemetery across from the Texaco station, is situated on a creek, with indoor and outdoor seating, live music some nights.  Serves authentic Israeli dishes (e.g., tabouli, hummus, kabab, eggplant salad) as well as hotdogs, great flame-grilled burgers, salads, sandwiches.  Tel. 6676-8846,  www.tammysboquete.com


Caffe Pomodoro / Wine Bar, located in the Hotel del Rio at the entrance to Valle Escondido (several block walk from downtown Boquete) serves up great Italian fare and pizza; indoor seating, but better outdoors under cover to enjoy pleasant grounds and creek.


Las Ruinas Boquete, located about 10 minutes south of town, is hard to miss under a big, round thatched roof.  Great food at reasonable prices, casual atmosphere, and we hear a gringo hang-out on Friday nights; live music/entertainment sometimes.  We've only been there for lunch - and always have had their beer battered fish 'n chips which is excellent.  Owned by Craig, a former executive chef from the USA. 


Art Café La Crepe, located on the main street just before the "Y" going towards the Panamonte.  Great crepes and other fare in a brightly decorated setting.


Bistro Boquete Restaurant is located on the main street.  This popular restaurant just re-opened in Sept. 2010 after renovations which now includes a 2nd floor section.  Closed Tuesdays.


Panamanian fare, cheap prices, located in town:  Nelvi's (known for their fried chicken), Sobrason (tipico, cafeteria style, very popular with the locals), Culturas (gringo hangout since Amigo's closed).





Taxi pickup truck (double cab) #1108 is the only one we've used (pre-arranged by phone) to come up to the house we're staying at, because they will always come up the very steep hill and sometimes-slippery carriles and badly trenched/muddy road to get us or bring us back.  There are 2 drivers:
Johnny, 6780-5729, works Wednesday -  Saturday afternoon.  Nice, young guy.  Speaks good English.  Reliable.  We've used him a lot.
Esteban, 6648-1613, works Saturday night - Tuesday.  Doesn't speak much English.  Reliable.  He once drove us to the Costa Rica border for our immigration run (from Boquete to Paso Canoas, think it cost us $40).
NOTE:  Esteban also drives a sedan taxi, #1113, Wednesday - Friday.
NOTE:  Danilo, 6469-2588 - he owns the taxi but doesn't drive it anymore.  However, one night when I needed a ride late at night I pre-arranged and he brought me home (Johnny doesn't drive after 8 or 9 pm., family man with new baby at home).  Speaks a little English.

-    -    -


Shuttle between Boquete and Bocas del Toro (not sure if it includes the water taxi from Almirante to Bocas Town).  As of Sept. 2010, this is supposedly available for $38/one way.  Check with Adventours, located in Plaza Los Establos on the main street in Boquete.  Tel. 720-1635.


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Volcán / Cerro Punta area

(on west side of Baru Volcano)


Hotel Dos Rios, nice rooms and pretty grounds situated along a creek, $42 (2008), 771-5555, 771-4271


Los Quetzales Lodge (Cerro Punta/Guadelupe) – nice grounds and views, good lunch stop; pricey rooms include all meals, sightseeing/birding tours, and more.  $170/person.


Restaurant Acropolis, real Greek food, Tel. 6624-9687.  Call ahead to make sure open.


Finca Dracula, home to one of the world's largest and most complete collections of rare American orchid species.  They have over 2,200 different orchid species.  Open for tours Monday-Friday, Tel. (507) 771-2070,  www.fincadracula.com




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If you have additions or changes please let us know.  Email to:   svargo154@hotmail.com




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