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RECOMMENDATIONS from cruisers & others          
Rev. 9/12/10            
Compiled by s/v ARGO,          
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Category Name Address Zone City Phone

Cell:  "6"+7 digits
Land: 7 digits

General description on service/products
Attorney Rainelda Mata-Kelly In Punta Pacifico Punta Pacifico PC 380-0606, 263-4305, 6618-0515 For immigration matters, and real estate, maritime, commercial law and more. Impressed by her concise, straightforward presentation and knowledge on immigration and taxation issues to gringos in Boquete. Excellent English.,
Attorney Ricardo Faraudo     PC   Cruising friends used/recommend for immigration/pensionados.
Boat stuff Abernathy Amador Amador PC 314-1432
Boat stuff Abernathy Transistmica, near & across from Riba Smith Rodalac PC 260-1222
Boat stuff Agencia Naviera Plummer Marine Services       6674-2086 Liferaft servicing
Boat stuff Aquatic Water Tech via Espana El Congrejo PC   watermakers
Boat stuff Centro Marine Av Nacional, 45   PC 225-6331 general motor and sail boat supplies
Boat stuff Centro Marine On the Causeway to Isla Flamenco Amador PC    
Boat stuff Marine Warehouse Near Amador   PC 314-1768 not much in house, just call with West Marine Number
Boat stuff Marine Warehouse 3531 NW 20th St., Miami, FL 33142   USA 001-305-635-0776 not much in house, just call with West Marine Number
Boat stuff Nautipesca Isla Flamenco Flamenco   314-0826  / Mon - Sat 9-6
Boat stuff Richard the rigger     Colon 6668-9758  
Brew Pub ISTMO Calle Euseblo A. Morales near Hotel Milan El Congrejo PC   opens 4 p.m.; great micro beers brewed onsite; patio
Computer Alex Neuman, high powered technician Have Taxi driver call for directions   PC 6641-2121  
Computer CompuService Have Taxi driver call for directions   PC 441-0324  
Computer Oscar Caballero, PC Modding Plaza Concordia, 2nd floor, local 241, diagonal right of the restaurants El Congrejo PC 6013-9700, 214-9002 Recommended; repair/diagonistics, data recovery; reasonably priced and honest; speaks English;
Computer Planet Computer Across from Rey in El Dorado   PC 260-0056, 260-0083 excellent computer repair but a very busy place
Embassy United States Clayton, Panama, Building 520 or 783 ??   PC 207-7000
Entertainment Cinepolis Multiplaza Mall   PC
Entertainment Extreme Planet Cinema Balboa Ave near Multicentro   PC 340-7028
Fabric El Tapiz Calle H y Ave Ancon, Apartado 5424 Santa Ana PC 212-0632, 262-2334 Sunbrella, fabric, eisenglass
Fabric & webbing Todo de Cuero Have Taxi driver call for directions   PC 253-5194 has all sorts of nylon webbing, snaps, buckles, leather
Fabrication Metallica Perez Have Taxi driver call for directions   PC 227-1352, 227-0846 Best machine shop in Panama but not cheap, talk to Juan
Grocery PriceSmart Via Brasil & Via Espana   PC 214-7011 M-F 10am-9pm, Sa-Su 9:30am-9pm
Grocery Riba Smith supermarket 8 locations, check phone book or ask taxi driver   PC   Really good grocery stores
Grocery Super Gourmet Ave A next to Canal Museo btwn Calle 6 & 7 Casco Antiguo PC 212-3487  
Grocery Super Kosher Cl 56 San Sebastian   PC 263-2061 Lots of speciality foods and grains
Hardware Dimar, S.A. Edifcio La Balinera, Vista Hermosa   PC 229-1444 see Vielka (English)/ o rings, bearings, etc
Hardware Serfrasa many locations, taxi drivers know   PC 261-3397 Lots of oven, refrigerator, stove parts.resolder burners.
Hardware / Tool Centro Industrial many locations, taxi drivers know   PC 302-8044 Really well stocked but somewhat high priced
Hardware/ Tools Grainger recently opened in Panama City   PC    
Hiking Natural Metro Park     PC   several hiking trails and observation point
Home Improvement Cochez Balboa Av., near Fish Market   PC 302-4444 Also in David
Home Improvement Do It Center Many locations including David various PC   Large, similar to Home Depot, hardware & housewares
Home Improvement Novey Many locations including David various PC   Large, hardware & housewares
Lodging Acapulco Near Albrook Near Albrook? PC   $38/night, AC, cable
Lodging Albrook Inn Have Taxi driver call for directions Albrook PC 315-1789 about $70/nite (Aug, 07) clean, nice, but remote; "cat-friendly"
Lodging Balboa Inn, The  (B&B) Calle Las Cruces, 2311a Balboa Balboa PC 314-1520 Nice B&B near Ancon Hill, "cat-friendly",,
Lodging California Have Taxi driver call for directions   PC 263-7844, 263-7237 inexpensive, clean, cable, AC
Lodging Costa Inn, Hotel Ave. Peru and Calle 39 Bella Vista PC 227-1522 Free breakfast, airport shuttle and Wifi; A/C, cable TV, refrig, pool, parking;  $55 single/ $66 double;
Lodging El Parador Calle Eusebio A. Morales El Congrejo PC 214-4586 $60 incl breakfast/
Lodging Euro Have Taxi driver call for directions Bella Vista PC 263-0802, 263-0927 inexpensive, clean, cable, AC
Lodging Lisboa Avenida Cuba (near big Immigration Bldg)   PC   $33/night after jubliado disct. (don't need pensionado card but must ask for discount)
Lodging Marbella Calle D El Congrejo PC 263-2220 $65
Lodging Marparaiso Calle 3 & 4 @ Ave Justo Arosemena   PC 227-6767 / 227-0230
Lodging Milan Calle Essebio A. Morales #31 El Congrejo PC 263-6130 Discount for cash ($57.75)/
Lodging Paitilla Inn Have Taxi driver call for directions Paitilla PC 269-1122 mod. Expensive, centrally located, nice
Lodging Sanford Plaza de cinco de mayo   PC 262-4933 inexpensive, clean, cable, AC, near the "walking street", unsafe to walk at night
Lodging Hotel Via Espana Near Hotels Euro and Hotel California   PC 264-0800 inexpensive, clean, cable, AC
Lodging La Estancia B&B Casa 35, Quarry Heights, Ancon Hill Canal Zone PC 314-1417 high up, good view, isolated
Lodging Las Vegas Calle Eusebio A. Morales near Hotel Veneto El Congrejo PC 269-0722 $80
Lodging Santana Calle C,  Santa Ana district Casco Viejo PC 228-2828 New, great location in Casco Viejo, A/C, cable TV, free wifi, $39/$43 s/d,,
Lodging Sevilla Suites Calle Eusebio A. Morales El Congrejo PC 213-0016 $120/
Lodging Toscana Inn Hotel Calle D El Congrejo PC 265-0018/19 New, very nice; $100, king bed, includes breakfast; refrig, cable TV, iron, scale;; Rogelio is Gen Mgr
Marina Balboa Yacht Club   Amador PC 228-5794 Cruiser friendly yacht club
Marina Flamenco Yacht Club Calzada del Amador Amador PC 314-0665 Expensive yacht club for mega-yachts
Marina Shelter Bay Marina   Ft. Sherman Colon 433-3581  
Mechanic Joe Brachir     PC 6648-2571 Best diesel mechanic you'll find anywhere
Medical Acupuncturist - Dr. Da Cheng Clinica del Dolor, Gallerias Colonial, near Do IT El Dorado PC 279-1888,  6668-2076 No English
Medical Cardiologist - Dr. Enrique Mendez Punta Pacifica Hospital Paitilla PC 204-8460 Excellent doctor, limited english, his partner speaks perfect english & is a cardiologist
Medical Chiropractor - Lela Orillac     PC 6670-4944  
Medical Dental - Balboa Dental Clinic   Near Amador PC 228-0338 Excellent service, modern office, reasonable prices
Medical Dermatologist - Dra. Gioconda Gaudiano Consultorios Medicos Paitilla #413 Paitilla PC 269-7243/7336 "Best Dermatologist" in Panama, cell 6596-4956
Medical Dermatologist - Dra. Marta Mayora Hospital Punta Pacifico, #213 Paitilla PC 227-5444 Excellent doctor
Medical Doctor - Dr. Carlos Mayorca Hospital Nacional, Ave. Cuba & 38 St.   PC 227-5444 Excellent doctor, speaks perfect english, US Trained
Medical Doctor - Dr. Sergio Solis Medico Paitilla   PC 269-0566 referred by Greg @ Tropical Markets
Medical Gen'l Surgery/Oncology- Dr. Pablo Duran Punta Pacifica Hospital / Medical Center  (?)   PC 204-8400 main #
269-5222 office
Speaks English, does own ultra sound in his office as part of exam; initial consult $60
Medical Gynecologist - Dra. Britannia Rodaniche Paitilla Consultorio, Piso 1 Cons 131 Paitilla PC 264-4893 office
6671-2250 cell
Speaks English, initial consult $50
Medical Gynecologist - Dra. Carmen de Soto Punta Pacifica Hospital / Medical Center   PC 204-8400 main # Sch. mammogram 1st as takes 3 days for results
Medical Internal/GP - Dr. Manuel de Ycaza Consultorios Medicos Paitilla #327 Paitilla PC 264-9366 Good English
Medical Lab & Imaging - Medico Marbella Royal Center   PC 263-1954 Recommended by Dra. Britannia R. over the Paitilla lab; states radiologist Dra. Electa Mock has microscopes for eyes and is excellent; (for mammograms, etc.)
Medical Opthamologist - Dr. Juan M. Arosemena P. Clinica de Ojos or Clinica Arosemena 
Avenida Peru & Calle 38
Bella Vista ? PC 6672-8630, 227-1925 fax227-1867 Good English, thorough, very reasonable prices, does laser, jubliado disct w/o pensionado card (must ask for it)
Medical Opthamologist - Optica Sosa Centro Comercial Albrook Mall Albrook PC 303-6163 Standard services and items
Medical Orthopedic Surgeon - Dr. Correa Hospital Nacional, Ave. Cuba & 38 St.   PC 6676-8811  
Medical Punta Pacifica Hospital (asso. Johns Hopkins) Punta Pacifica Hospital / Medical Center   PC 204-8400 main # Part of Johns Hopkins Hospital in the USA
Medical Wellmed Clinic, Dr. Jorge Paz Rodriguez Centro Comercial La Florida Marbella PC 269-1795 Dr. Paz uses natural medication, gets people off meds (e.g., cholesterol, thyroid); age management (HGH);
Medical Manual therapist - Dr. Othon Molina Has more than one office in PC     6773-3959 Highly recommended; specialist in backs & necks and manual therapies; medical massage, sports medicine, herbs, nutrition, kinesiology; int'l training programs. Comes to Bocas del Toro ~1/month. Perfect English - may be American.
Pharmacy Arrocha Many locations, ask for senior discounts   PC    
Plastics Multi Plastics #1 via Cincuentenario, Galleria San Cristobal #26 San Cristobal PC 235-2766  
Plastics Multi Plastics #2 Urb Industrial Los Angeles Los angeles PC 279-0441/42  
Refrigeration Supplies Refrigerama Have Taxi driver call for directions   PC 261-5459  
Restaurant Beruit Calle 52 near Marriott   PC 214-3815  
Restaurant Burgués Calle 47  Bella Vista PC 394-1102 New ecletic place, specializing in gourmet burgers
Restaurant Café Pomodoro       Calle Eusebio A. Morales /Hotel Las Vegas El Congrejo PC 269-5936 Italian
Restaurant Dolce Coffee House Via Argentina near Subway El Congrejo PC   Angel Bakx - closed Tue
Restaurant Don Patacon Via Israel & Calle 70, near Multiplaza San Francisco PC 392-3657  
Restaurant Eurasia Calle 48 Bella Vista PC 264-7859 fusion food
Restaurant Hacienda Real  (steak house)     PC   "Chain"; one in Guatemala City has excellent steaks
Restaurant il Boccalino Calle 49  (between Don Lee and Calle Uruguay) Bella Vista PC 223-8521  
Restaurant La Posta Calle 49 con calle Uruguay Bella Vista PC 269-1076 M-Sa 12-230 & 7-1030,
Restaurant Las Bovedas Plaza Francia in Casco Viejo Casco Viejo PC 228-8085 Unique French; set in the dungeon of this old fort; live music
Restaurant Lung Fung     Chinese Behind HSBC near RibaSmith & Abernathy Transistmica PC 260-4011 Open for dim sum 8:30 to Noon, Best Chinese in Latin America
Restaurant Machu Picchu     Peruvian Calle Eusebio A Morales 16 El Cangrejo PC 264-9308  
Restaurant Madame Chang     Chinese Calle 48 Bella Vista PC 269-1313 Top Chinese in PC; modern ambiance
Restaurant Mando Caracol Calle 3 @ Ave Central Sur old town PC   12 small courses for $15
Restaurant Manolo's  (2 locations) Across from Veneto Casino in El Congrejo
Other in Obarrio
  PC 214-3986 Inexpensive; good for breakfast
Restaurant Market   Steak house & wine bar Calle 47 con calle Uruguay   PC 264-9401  
Restaurant Martin Fierro     steaks Calle Eusebio A Morales El Cangrejo PC 264-1927 Top Steak house in PC
Restaurant Matsuei Calle Eusebio A. Morales 12-A El Congrejo PC 264-9562 Sushi
Restaurant Mrs. Mendoza's      Tex-Mex Via Argentina near Blockbuster El Cangrejo PC 393-2005 Good, reasonably priced; original location is Albrook
Restaurant Napoli's Pizza Calle 57 Obarrio PC 263-8800 closed Mon
Restaurant Pangea Calle Alberto Navarro, #45-A El Congrejo PC 392-7359 new restaurant
Restaurant Peperoncini Calle 49 @ Uruguay Bella Vista PC 265-1312  
Restaurant Peperoncini di Mare Calle Manuel Maria Icaza, Plaza Delesseps   PC 209-2809  
Restaurant Swiss Chalet has 2 restaurants:
     - Rincon Suizo
     - Restaurant 1985
Calle Eusebio A. Morales near Hotel Veneto El Congrejo PC   .
  - Swiss:  Hear they have good fondue
  - French:  We were NOT impressed with food or service
Restaurant Segundo Muelle   Peruvian Calle Crisantemos #16 @ Calle 63, near Via Israel San Francisco PC 391-9234 reportedly the best ceviche
Restaurant The Wine Bar Calle Eusebio A. Morales/Hotel Las Vegas El Congrejo PC 265-4701 great pizza, Italian, wine/closed Sun
Restaurant Tratoria Toscana Via Porras San Francisco PC 399-0435 Supposed to be great Italian
Restaurant Twist     burgers, steaks Ave Frederico Boyd Bella Vista PC 302-7997  
Sewing Supplies Singer Have Taxi driver call for directions   PC 213-1357 Good shop.  Call and have taxi driver talk to them for directions.
Shipping Airbox Express Calle Eusebio A. Morales El Congrejo PC 269-9774 Miami PO Box,
Shipping Al White Shipping     PC 6613-5375  
Shopping Albrook Mall near national airport   PC    
Shopping Collin's department store Via Espania across from Rey; also in Albrook Mall El Congrego Albook Mall PC   Large, American-type dept. store with high-end clothes, cosmetics, housewares, etc.
Shopping Exedra Books Via Espana & Via Brasil   PC 264-4252 Café and English books; considered one of best in C. A.
Shopping Multicentro Mall Avenida Balboa   PC    
Shopping Multiplaza Pacific Mall Punta Pacifica   PC 302-5280 Get a "Panama Shopping Card"
Shopping Compania SAR  (cleaning supplies) Juan Pablo II, La Loceria   PC 260-7333 Industrial cleaning supplies "The Ultimate Cleaning Store"
Tours Ancon Expeditions of Panama Calle Elvira Mendez, Edif, El Dorado #3 Bella Vista PC 269-9415, canal tours, Andres Lee
Tours Artisan market YMCA     PC    
Tours Canal Admin Building Ancon Ancon PC   murals
Tours Canal Museum Plaza de la Independence, Cathedral San Felipe Casco Antiguo PC 211-1995 0900-1700, Tue - Sun
Tours Miraflores Locks canal tour     PC 276-8325 opens at 0900/
Tours Old Town     PC    
Tours Tony- best resource for getting there     PC 6520-0272  
Tours train to Colon Corozal terminal   PC 317-6070 7:15 am from PC. Return 5:15 pm from Colon, $44 roundtrip
Transportation Abdul Colon taxi driver   Colon 6442-4037  
Transportation Aeroperlas Regional (TACA) Albrook airport   PC 315-7500 Bocas del Toro 757-9858 / Sherry
Transportation Air Panama Albrook airport   PC 316-9000 Bocas del Toro 757-9841
Transportation Francisco Stanley Taxi driver - dependable, accommodating and trustworthy   PC 6671-2292 Recommended by Bocas Marina; reliable for pickup/delivery services, errands. I entrusted him with cash/computers. Speaks English
Transportation Jeronimo Taxi driver - helped us facilitate the process --> El Congrego area PC 6873-5545 Hangs out at Toscana Inn (El Congrego); ran us around to collect documents for our Panama captain's licenses (5 stops); speaks reasonable English
Transportation Jose Saenz Has several drivers - dependable and accommodating; tours   PC 6614-7811 airport pickup/dropoff, hold baggage, do errands, etc. /  Speaks English.
Transportation Luis Arce Taxi driver - recommended for Panama driver's license runaround   PC 6536-1179 He knows exactly where to go to get all required documents for driver's license, done in 1/2 day, about $40.
Transportation Rene Guardiola Driver, all sorts of tours and more   PC 6625-7564
Wow! check out his website at,  Speaks English.
TV channels Fox news 62, Fox12, Sony 18 Film Zone 47, AXN 48, A&E 50        


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