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February 23, 2011:     Scroll down for Updates & our Travel Recommendations.


Steve & Deborah, husband and wife co-captains, are cruising the Caribbean on our sailboat ARGO, a 2002 Valiant 42.  She was built to our custom specifications and delivered to us in April 2002.  We left Houston in March 2003 and plan an open-ended cruise. 

PART 1:  After 2-¼ years, we had to return briefly with ARGO, arriving in Houston May 30, 2005.  During that 2-¼ years out, we logged 7,200 nautical miles (8,300 miles).  Our travels have been mostly in the Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean and South America.  We have visited 24 countries, 58 separate islands and anchorages too numerous to count.  We have endured a couple of tropical storms and narrowly escaped hurricane Ivan.  Our journey has included 38 overnight passages.  We have met (and logged in) over 400 cruising boats (800 people) that we have met along the way, and continue to stay in touch with many.

PART 2:  We again departed Houston in March 2006 and plan on spending a few years in the Western Caribbean / Central America.  After that, we'll see . . .

PART 3:  After sailing 10,000 miles, we are currently living on ARGO in Bocas del Toro, Panama (Caribbean side). 

Position Report


To find out where we are now, or to keep track of us during passages, click the above Position Report button.  Additionally, the Where are We? page has other links, some showing awesome, zoomable satellite views.  Our position is updated every time ARGO moves.  The Pictures/Journal and Route/Maps pages are updated periodically.



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"Retire early and go cruising!"


Update at a glance . . . February 21, 2011 from Bocas del Toro, Panama.  The Red Frog Marina Expansion and Client Appreciation Party (see below) was a huge success, with 20 boats taking advantage of the complimentary slips for the weekend and 140 people attending the big Friday night party.  Pictures are forthcoming . . . 


February 5, 2011 from Bocas del Toro, Panama.  We and ARGO are still here in Bocas and loving it at Red Frog Marina on Bastimentos Island! - Deep water access in clean water harbor, reliable power, excellent-quality water supply and best marina rates in the area.

NOTICE to CRUISERS in the BOCAS AREA:     On Friday, February 18, 2011, Red Frog Marina (www.redfrogbeach.com) is throwing a big Marina Expansion Party to celebrate the addition of 40 new slips to their floating docks.  The party includes free BBQ and drinks, entertainment and lots of great door-prizes including a free slip for a month.  To encourage people to check out Red Frog's amenities, there will be big discounts offered at the restaurants/bars, canopy/zipline tour, spa and more.  Come early to enjoy the renowned Red Frog Beach.  Visiting cruisers are offered complimentary slips for the weekend, or anchor in the beautiful protected anchorage. For more details and RSVP/contact information, see the flyer at right (click on it to enlarge).  Hey, let Rob or Kirkley know you heard about Red Frog from ARGO's website!

Red Frog Marina:  Scenic, clean and protected with deep-water and floating docks (40 new slips just added)


July 19, 2010 from Bocas del Toro & Boquete, Panama.  A major update to our website has now been published: 

Pictures/Journal - Page 33 includes:  An overview of the past year and a half; We've moved to Red Frog Marina (and yes, there are lots of red poison dart frogs around);  In and around Bocas del Toro.  We have added Bocas Area Internet Weather & Radio Nets Information write up for cruisers, surfers and loafers in the Bocas area.

Pictures/Journal - Page 34 includes:  Our "exile" from Panama, in other words, are mandatory trips to leave Panama every 90 days as part of our immigration requirements.  We've gone to Costa Rica as it's close and relatively easy to get to from Bocas.  In Costa Rica we've been to Puerto Viejo and Puerto Limon on the Caribbean side, and Golfito on the Pacific coast.  Our Costa Rica Trip Recommendations has been recently updated to include these three destinations.

Pictures/Journal - Page 35 includes:  In and around the Boquete area in coffee-growing country, a bit on the Indian traditional dress from this area, a bit on Spanish traditional dress, and a mondongo party; In and around the David area, including doing our annual medical stuff and side trips to the Pacific coast.  Our David & Boquete Area Recommendations has been recently updated.   

Our Panama City Recommendations has also been recently updated.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our various write ups and recommendations.

Start viewing our new updates from Panama.

June 13, 2010 from Bocas del Toro & Boquete, Panama.  We've made updates covering the past year that can be viewed at Pictures/Journal page 33.  Scrolling down to the bottom of this page, you'll also see that our various recommendation write-ups have been very recently updated for Panama and Costa Rica.

As of a month ago, we moved ARGO to Red Frog Marina - it is still in the Bocas del Toro area but located on a different island, Isla Bastimentos.  We are thoroughly enjoying the more remote setting and ambience, the change in scenery and the easy access to long, beautiful beaches and numerous nature walks, not to mention the frequent sighting of red poison dart frogs, sloths, dolphins and more.

We've been spending some time up in Boquete (in the mountains), where I'm working on this website update. 

Been out of touch with our website?  Then catch up with   Previous "Updates at a Glance"



DID YOU KNOW .  .  .  that Panama actually extends west to east - like an "S" laying on its side -  and the Panama Canal runs north-south?




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